Monday, July 4, 2011

Leave the Gun, Take the cannoli

Cannoli are a Sicilian pastry dessert, meaning "little tube". One of my favorite quotes from "The Godfather" featuring this puff pastry is generally about how to handle a hit situation.

In relationships, I'm reminded of this quote when trying to explain how to talk your way through conflict with the one you love. Leaders are taught to open any negative discussion with a positive first. So many of us try to skip this step by saying, "You know I love you, but..."

No matter how serious the conversation, or how deadly the weapon your words become, try to remember to open with a positive. Don't rush this step. It just may be the difference in what response you get in return. 

No one likes to be shot down with words, so try to be gentle and aim for truth, not always the quick.

Remember to leave the gun when speaking to your love, but not because you are thinking of an escape plan. Also, conversations are double sided, it's much easier to choke down kind words when returned to you later. Be sweet first and concentrate on facts, not feelings, when discussing serious matters.
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