Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sex, Lies and VideoTape

There are few things more important than Honesty and Virtue. And in this modern world where even the darkest images are in bass relief, these basic values have never lost their strength.

As a kid, I remember harsh lessons in honesty and overcoming those butterflies in your belly as you walk up to an adult to apologize for say, picking a rose without permission, or grabbing that pack of gum without paying. My Mother didn't spare my feelings when making me or my siblings face our faults. Sure there were soft words and serious lessons afterward, but the traumatic experience itself was never sugar coated or rushed.

I think this is part of the reason later lessons where so easy to accept and include in my life later.  We try to make things easier for our children, but they already have it so much easier with modern technology. Sure, I had a computer as a kid, but not until 4th grade, and I only used it at school under supervision. We didn't have texting, or even cell phones. If we wanted to chat we walked up the street or sent actual paper letters.

But I'm not writing about how I walked to school uphill both ways in 4 feet of snow... I am trying to instill the importance of some basic lessons for my children and any readers that happen along.

I've talked before about Honesty. I even eluded to the importance of choosing a good core group of friends since a potential spouse is usually among them. But with today's modern contraptions making it so easy to give away our innocence with a click of an image or key, I wanted to write a bit on Virtue.

Today it is so easy to write a naughty line or post a compromising photo. It is so normal and common in our society that those that do not participate are branded prudes or some new term. Never let others presure you to do anything that makes you compromise who you are! Which sounds as simple as it is, but in reality it is only that simple if you know who you are!

Learn to listen to that inner voice. Slow down when you feel that push, buckle up when you get that feeling, and pause and think things through before acting if you ever get the feeling that you are about to do something you'll later regret.

Most of us are tattooed and pierced these days and even our most famous actors and artists loudly proclaim their disrespect for core values. Never follow a crowd. It is human nature to want to belong and 'fit in', but crowds seldom think before they run. With so many feet propelling them forward there is little time to look very far ahead. They may get lucky for awhile, but sooner than later those feet will find an impassable point and those in the front with get the crush or push first, the last may never even see where they are ending.

Make sense? Basically Never send personal information to anyone by unsecured means. Do not give away what is irreplaceable. And do not rush into judgements. (Whether you are trusting someone with your heart, your virginity, or your financial information, the concept is the same) Why is our society more protective of puppies than babies and Credit Card numbers before teens?

My children, do NOT allow yourself to be recorded or captured in compromising ways, do not lower your self worth for anyone, and never give away pieces of yourself.
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