Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Soda Pop Perils

So, first I would like to thank all the informative, if not scary, emails I have received over the years about the contents and effects of pop. If you didn't already know I am a self proclaimed Dr Pepper addict.

I used to be blatantly addicted to CocaCola but when we were about smashed by a Coke Truck I switched to Dr P and never looked back. Now after 2 decades of drinking my favorite brown soda, I'm inclined to quit the habit.

So you know who you are, Thank you for all the emails, videos, posts and info you have all sent my way. I am finally kicking the habit and going back to water. Why?

If you don't have great friends like mine you may be unaware of the dangerous side effects of brown pop. Besides giving you a hideous smile and terrible breath it has been studied to add 'hidden' fat to your bodies organs, like the liver! (This will kill you) and slowly zaps away your magnesium levels which can cause a plethora of symptoms including heart palpitations, muscle cramps and nervous ticks. Caffeine alone is linked to several health risks, and diet soda is the worst offender of all. My fav Brown pops though will also plummet you into diabetes faster, mess with your metabolism of sugars and cause your skin to loose it's healthy glow.

We now have a dark circled eyed, overweight, one the verge of diabetes, and cramped up generation of pop addicts in our country. And why do we keep at it? Study any addictive substance and you'll see your answer. I have known for years that it was my biggest fault but kept drinking it. Now that it has landed me in the ER on two different all nighters with kidney infections and has me at this very moment jonsing for a hit, I have said "Enough!"

I don't know what it will take for you. But if you have a sugar or soda habit, take my advice and look at it very carefully. Find the facts for yourself and just try to go ONE DAY with out a sip or taste. If you dislike the way you react when the thought of loosing this beveridge or sugary snack is removed, do something about it now before you are overweight, crippled by muscle cramps and having heart issues.

Think I have over exaggerate? In fact I've UNDER played it. I've denied the facts for decades and have finally had enough of feeling like crap and looking like it too. It's back to water for me and I'm moving back to the natural in my pantry as well. It will take some time to switch out everything, but my kids are worth it and we are too. I have deliberately left out most of the claims, you should always find them for yourself, I'm just trying to push you to get the REAL nutrition facts and risks today before your decades are enslaved like mine were.

I encourage you to seriously consider your next sip.
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