Saturday, February 4, 2012

Above is a snapshot of today's news reel from a popular news site.

There are places to share the story and then highlights on the presidential candidate race and below all this in bold pictures was info on the celebrity awards. I wonder how many of us even read this?

War is all around us. Nations are clashing and people are are suffering for no reason other than greed and power struggles. Why? Are we so worried about movies and popular votes to not even see this?

What I want to drive home was better said by George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". And although I completely agree, as a kid history was my least favorite subject. It might have been that my teachers seemed bored to tears to pass the knowledge on, and that so much of it was dumied down and falsified to benefit the US. Awhile back, they didn't really want us to know all. Now that it is generally accepted that the truth must be known fully to prevent repeat failures, no one seems to care.

No matter what your teachers lack in charisma, please pay attention to our past. Not everything in the text books is correct, so when a story grips you, research for yourself to get to the true facts. You may not be rewarded in class, and may even be discouraged from sharing this new find. But you will know the back story and be able to recognize a similar path when it approaches.

No clue what I mean? There is usually a greedy or power hungry source to almost every dramatic war or atrocity. How they hide this agenda is what you need to see in order to avoid being the victim of or unwilling participant in this act. How many people would have knowingly assassinated another race or tribe? But how many paid and supported the leader and groups that carried out the crimes? Do you see now? 
It is not enough to sit by and avoid confrontation anymore. We have to become more involved in the direction our country is taking or we won't have a country to call ours and take pride in for very long.
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