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Creation or Alien Drop Off?

As always, the following is my opinion offered to inspire thought, not debate.

More of my thoughts on Aliens throughout History:

If you take the Bible as fact and God created everything, and you factor what we 'know' to what we 'understand' I think it leaves you with both as fact. I happen to believe that God created the Earth and all on it, and that it took him HIS six days. Which if you read the Bible you would know that His days are as thousands of years to us. Add to that interpretation difficulties and what exactly is involved in creating a living planet and you have eons of time just to start the earth forming and rotating.

In the first chapter of Genesis, "The Creation Story" says clearly, that he created male and female in his image. Yet in the second chapter he breathes "Life" into the man he crafted from the Earth and took a rib FROM HIM to create 'a' woman. Not THE woman, or FIRST woman, A Woman! hmmmm

Where I disagree with most theologians is that I happen to believe that these first 'men' and 'women' must have been amazing to survive in this evolving climate!  If time was so difficult to measure then, and if you take the first "let there be light" to mean revolutions and not just literally the sun, there was extreme weather happening on Earth!

Also, there were many children being born, and wives taken. If they were to survive they must have been a different gene pool. Those first men and women in God's image would supply that gene pool.

The only children/families the Bible really follows is those made from the Earth. And the ages of their deaths are spectacular but constantly decreasing. Another verse that intrigues me is that Adam and 'His wife' were never documented as conceiving until after their 'Fall' and being evicted from the Garden of Eden.

So is the Garden of Eden another planet, spaceship or a section of Earth? Was is the Lost City of Atlantis, blotted off the surface of the Earth, or removed by other means? The speculations have been limitless.

The real key to me is that the Bible is a book that depicts a complete story. And the beginning of THAT story is the true purpose of the explanation of creation at all. I mean, if you later say that Jesus was a direct descendant of Adam and a true son of Man AND God, you have to give the back story.

There has to be  reason that the first men and women are left out of the account and later wiped off the face of the Earth by flooding.

And what of the story of the Ark, what are the Nephilim? They are supposed to be Giants, super men. They were capable of spectacular feats, but overall God saw the evil they constantly thought and acted on, and sought to destroy them in the great flood. I agree with several others that God chose Noah because he was of a pure blood line, no commingling with the Naphilim and a direct descendant of Adam. And destroyed the others so that Jesus could be born of a virgin later as was His plan.

Supposedly Fake picture of a archeological find

These Nephilim are thought to be children produced by women being impregnated by angels. Then there are some that say these were not angels but aliens, which is part of the Ancient Astronaut theory. Regardless, the Bible mentions them twice, and each time they were gigantic.

While it could be amazing genetics, giants that would make others seem like grasshoppers, would be hard to imagine unless the supernatural or alien was involved. So we are a people constantly struggling with abstract ideas and wondering about 'beings' from outside our know world. 

I believe that there were Nephilim here on Earth and they fuel the Ancient Astronaut theory. Just as I believe God is helping us along, encouraging us, but allowing for freewill.

I think this freewill in itself is what causes our troubles. Our own freewill. 

It is our search for what we truly are, that creates these ideas of alien visits. We all carry our own ideas and interpretations, so we evolve differently yet similarly in that we all go through the same quests at some point in our lives.

Study nature all around us, and we will see the very inspirations for what so many believe was Alien given. While I agree that may be possible, it is more probable that each civilization looked at what our very Earth had already modeled and perhaps had a divine inspiration.

But if it is true that ancient humans had to either be visited by aliens or helped by giants, what if those Nephilim were both?

What if they were once the physical beings that were documented and now seen as alien visits, and then were remanded to the ethereal form where they had less ability to interact and therefore affect our human existence. (Unless you believe they were given permission to test and torment until the final judgment) Which would say that they are what we consider evil spirits or demons and that hosts of them still reside with our God as Angels. (they are seen as good and able to show themselves on Earth to warn, guard, or aid us)

So while I do not think aliens are coming to attack us, I might believe that they were invented to explain the visits of the Nephilim through the ages.

What this leaves me with is a feeling of loss at the human spirit. While I believe that we are born to search for meaning and ultimately our maker, I find it sad that so many would rather believe what they are told and never find their own answers.

Is it really so much easier to do as your told?

And finally I find myself thinking would we be better off without religion. I find that faith is a necessity, at least in my life, but I have only ever been disillusioned by organized religion. To me the real problem is the organized part and not necessarily the religion part.

So, my motto for religion is to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling". This simple scripture has been the backbone for my spiritual awareness. And when applied to the alien debate, I think it applies even more. Do not look to aliens for your source of salvation, look inward. It was in fact humans that created the works that even lead scientists to believe in other intelligent life, and if aided by Nephilim, they are still half human after all.

I believe the concept of good and evil are more than words or abstract notions. We could learn a lot from each other as religions. Taking what is common to all, and learning to put aside the power plays that have lead to such bloodshed in the past.

It is not meant for us to control one another with the knowledge, perhaps that is why the Naphilim were outcast to begin with. Their superiority complexes became too great and they were taught an eternal lesson.

I choose to live life fully and abundantly with love and generosity. I find it sad that too many would rather find ways to exploit and control instead of lift and aid.

In closing, I would say, live your life in a way that your children's children would be proud to claim you as their progenitor, and only add to yourself what is positive and encouraging. Use that brain but do not neglect your heart!
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