Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rule Number Two

Rule #2 Close Doors

Yeah I've heard this so much it's old. But it's been pounded into your head for good reason! You cannot go forward if things are left undone.

Have you ever been in the middle of Walmart and thought, "Did I turn the coffee pot off?" Your mind is in a holding pattern trying to figure it out, and you aren't enjoying or even paying all that much attention the rest of the time. And then you rush home to make sure.

Yeah, you might have been overcharged by $1 or maybe nothing happened, but if this is how you live emotionally, it costs you a lot more.

Not being present in your own life is a terrible waste of happiness. There is always a bright spot in every day, if you see it. If you are so focused on the past that you can't you are missing out on so much that life has to offer. You probably feel disappointed with your life and hopeless about the outcome.

Most of us are unaware that we do this. Our subconscious mind is focusing all our energy and thoughts on anything but the present. In fact, most people with open doors have so many cobwebs that they spend quite a bit of their thoughts trying to forget or attempting NOT to think of the past.

This is were "IF" kills us.

The “what if's” of life can really weigh us down. They always seem harmless. And they usually make us feel pretty good during the actual thought..."If I had a million dollars..."

But they can trap us there. Like being stuck in virtual reality and the rest of the world is in true color. We live and breathe, but never even 'see' another human being because we are too busy dreaming.

Dreams can be good if they motivate us to achieve something greater. But when they are the fuel that gets us through the day, they become a weight dragging us down. We start to feel even more hopeless because the dreams are so out of proportion and our life seems very pale and boring next to them.

Dream. But as a tool to get you moving toward an obtainable goal.

Love. But love like you've never been hurt.
And that takes closing doors.
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