Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello Cosmos

I'm watching a Ancient Alien Theory show and as always love sci/fi and anything to do with Stargate. But with all the end of the world propaganda out there I feel compelled to weigh in on this debate.

So, the following is my opinion on life out there.

I believe that there is intelligent life out there. With that said, let me explain my theory, Gail's Theorem, if you will.

I am a firm believer in God and a lover of science. So my mind is way open to ideas of aliens and evolution. I'm always questing for knowledge and able to seriously consider ideas that are in direct conflict with my own.

Sentient in our very DNA is a connection with all life on Earth. I believe that we are all evolved from one source. The reason? Mammals look amazing similar in the first stages of life. Extreme close ups of our skin resemble the veining in leaves or the 'skin' of plants. The whole of life can be decreased down to very basic and similar properties.

We are all born with this innate knowledge that we are more than what we appear. This knowing propels us in our search for a higher power. Even Paul preached that we were "made to search for God" even though "He is not far from each one of us. For in Him we breathe, and move, and have our being." We are repeatedly called the 'children of God' in the Bible, and told that God lives in us.

I happen to believe that this Ancient Astronaut theory is just another form of this inner search for answers as to where we come from. We find it impossible to think that humans evolved with their knowledge on their own. They must have had help. They must have been helped by aliens or angels. But what we call alien, really means not from here, so aren't we all then alien?

It gets very confusing if you try to think your way through it. Where religion comes in, is that you go on faith and not knowledge. So maybe the real answer is the blending of the two. Take what you know to be true, and add what you feel to be right. That's what I try to acheive.

I know that there is something more than you and I, and I know that it connects and fuels us all. I know that it is loving and encourages a full loving life in us. And the whole purpose of the Bible's teaching is that we should 'love one another as God loved us'. And if God is seen as a loving parent by our own words...

I know if I saw my children heading toward disaster I would try to guide them a different way. But if we are but children, we are prone to misunderstandings and selfishness.

If it is possible for me to believe in the divine by Faith it would follow that I would believe in aliens. But the reason I believe in the divine so completely is that I feel it to be true. I feel it's rightness and it seems to whisper all around us. I have never seen or heard any alien story that fills me with this same feeling.

True it may be that I am reacting from what I was taught, but why do we believe in the invisible so much easier than we do even a tangible proof of alien? We experience the invisible more? More people believe in spirits and ghosts than those that do not doubt alien life.

We really don't know. But I believe in what I know to be true in my heart. And Faith plays a large part of that. There have been many beliefs that have been later proved and disproved. But if you really want to stay true to your belief you will compile whatever statistics and facts that support it and ignore the others, so proof is of little consequence.

I don't require proof to what I believe. I do not try to make everyone else believe it as fact. And I do not scoff at what others believe in their souls to be true. I try to grow and adapt and stay true to myself and what I believe is the ideal moral guide.

If you believe in alien encounters, why do you feel it so strongly? Is it that you know we are more? Or do you only believe that there is other intelligent life out there that is more advanced than we are as a human race? Aren't both those just another form of what I feel to be true anyway?
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